Kidney Transplant Services

 Kidney transplant is an alternative form of therapy to dialysis. Patients who are interested in this form of therapy and who have received medical approval are considered as potential candidates for a living related or deceased donor transplant. To attain medical approval active coordination is maintained with the transplant facilities.

The transplant coordinator at Central Florida Kidney Centers, Inc. meets with patients and interested family members to explain and educate potential recipients and donors about the transplant process. The option for the patient to access transplant programs in other regions is available. Information can be obtained about transplant programs in other states as well as other cities in Florida. Records are kept updated to maintain the patient’s status on the transplant registry after being accepted as a transplant candidate.

Through written and audiovisual presentations, patient and family education is provided regarding the alternative of transplantation and the potential health benefits and risks. Patients and living related donors are assisted with scheduling the necessary appointments and tests required for the pre-transplant workup process.